What is the role of a laboratory in preventive medicine?

Laboratory tests are not only important to obtain a correct diagnosis and evaluation of the efficacy of a treatment in many diseases, but are also very important to avoid possible diseases and pathologies derived from alterations in parameters that we can measure from the laboratory.

Preventive medicine is the branch of medicine designed to detect risk factors and diseases at an early stage. The importance of this lies in being able to understand that preventive medicine is the one in which there is not yet any kind of treatment or cure on the body but rather previous care that has to do with a better quality of life,» says Dr. Patricia Peña, Internal Medicine Clinic Los Olivos.

It often happens that people begin to avoid this annual doctor visit. The right thing is that at least once a year we should have a general check-up.

How is my preventive meeting with the doctor? For preventive medicine, it is ideal to go to a laboratory for general examinations, of course depending on the needs of each patient.

The most important thing to keep in mind in preventive evaluations is that you must have a laboratory equipped with good equipment and a reliable doctor. One of the companies that supply the most reliable and accurate laboratories at the time of diagnosis is Kalstein, if that laboratory is equipped with its equipment, you can trust them.

Remember, reliability and accuracy in diagnosis is critical to your well-being and health.